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New Family FAQ

What is the cost to join Heritage?

Joining Heritage begins with a Membership Application and a $40 one-time, non-refundable application fee. All families (new and returning), pay an annual fee of $185 per family (payable upon registration), along with a commitment for one parent (known as the on-site parent) to be on campus with their student(s) and volunteer. We are a cooperative non-profit organization run by a volunteer Board of Directors, thus parent contribution is vital to the operation of the co-op.

How much do classes cost?

Tuition varies for each class. When viewing the Class Listing, click on the class name to view the total tuition for the co-op year (found in the upper right corner of the description). Tuition is paid in 8 monthly installments. Some classes also require a one-time materials fee to cover supplies for the class. If required, the materials fee amount is located just below the annual tuition amount. For 2024-25, the class materials fees will be due on April 30th, or upon registration if after April 30th. Tuition payment for September and May is due May 15th, or upon registration if after May 15th. Subsequent tuition installments are due at the end of each month during the co-op year (September through March).

How many classes can I take? Do I need to stay all day?

Families choose classes based on their student’s needs. Each family may enroll individual students for any number of classes - one class, or up to five. We recommend families with younger children consider choosing 1-3 classes.

Will I be expected to help?

Yes. On-site parents fulfill a parent contribution requirement as part of their co-op membership. Jobs at Heritage are vital to the co-op's existence and are an important aspect of our shared value of partnership. The number of assigned jobs depends on the number of class hours registered. Primarily, our co-op jobs are helping out in classrooms. This work includes taking attendance and supporting the teacher. However, work depends on the class and can range from simply taking attendance to helping with art projects. There are also jobs such as hall monitors, set up/pack up help, nursery help, etc. 

What if I am sick or absent?

Heritage provides a substitute list to assist you in arranging for a substitute in your absence.

What do I do with my baby?

While there are a limited number of parent jobs where an infant or young child may accompany the on-site parent, Heritage does offer a nursery. The nursery is available for infants and children up to four years old, only while the on-site parent is fulfilling a job for Heritage. (If your child is four when the co-op year begins on September 8, 2024, they are too old for nursery.) 

How do I start the application/registration process?

The Membership Information page is the best place for prospective families to see the latest information and updates on new family registration and timelines. Once the registration season begins, the Membership Information page is the starting point for requesting membership. 

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