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About Us

Welcome to Heritage!

At Heritage Homeschool Co-op, we believe God's Word when it says, "Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord."  Psalms 127:3   That's why a small group of homeschool parents got together in 2003 to begin a community of education and support that would enrich their homeschool experience.

Heritage is designed to complement the instruction you provide at home. At Heritage, families can broaden their children's learning experience one day a week by participating in various classes. Heritage classes engage students in small classroom settings and provide an opportunity to develop friends in a fun, group environment. Classes cover a variety of subjects and interests for Kindergarten - 12th grade students. 

If your oldest child is at least 5 years old, as of August 31 of the current school year, you are welcome to join us.

We believe that being involved in the education of our children is a unique ministry and in keeping with this, Heritage Board members sign a statement saying that everything we do will be in line with our Statement of Faith which covers the basic tenets of Biblical Christianity. We contract with teachers who ensure that all class instruction complies with this Statement of Faith.

Just as important as an enriching experience for our students, Heritage is a place where parents attend with their children and volunteer. Heritage parents appreciate the welcoming atmosphere, the support, and the information we all share with each other. Homeschooling is hard work! Heritage makes it a lot more enjoyable.

Family Perspectives...

     Our day at Heritage is short, but sweet. We come for one class, which meets during the 3rd hour. I see my son off to his class, then I head off to my volunteer assignment. I love my volunteer hour, as I get to spend time with students and meet different instructors and facilitators. Then, I find my son in the lunch area. We sit with my cousin and her kids and chat about our week. Sometimes, I run into my neighbor, who also attends Heritage with her children! After catching up and enjoying the fellowship of other like-minded homeschoolers, my son and I head out to the parking lot and back to our car. But the magic of Heritage doesn't end there! In the car, we talk about what he did in class, and make plans to work on his homework projects together. I never thought I'd say that we look forward to Mondays, but Heritage makes that possible. It's a special environment, and we're privileged to be part of it.

     Our morning at Heritage starts with greetings and smiles from the board members at the front desk as we walk in. This is one thing that I value most about Heritage versus other co-ops we have participated in. The board is warm, welcoming, and truly have servants hearts. From there, my four children and I go to set up my classroom for the two classes I teach. After this, my kiddos visit the cafe and spend their hard earned allowance on some healthy, or not-so-healthy snacks. It's a great way for them to have some independence with their money in a safe environment! Sometimes they even buy me a latte! I kiss my kids goodbye and they go off to their respective classes, while I teach mine. Another benefit of Heritage is that all four of my children (I have a preschooler, elementary, middle school, and high-schooler) have the opportunity to access high-quality classes all in one place- this is huge for a busy Mom like me! Because the co-op members vote on class proposals, Heritage is dynamic and responsive the needs of families. My kids look forward to seeing their friends every week, and learning from exciting, engaging teachers.